Marioo Hits Song (15) 2023 (Download)

Marioo Hits Song 15 2023

Introducing the highly anticipated audio MP3 music single “Marioo Hits Song (15) 2023” by artist Marioo, featuring a star-studded lineup of collaborations. This collection of fifteen tracks showcases Marioo versatile talent and ability to create hit after hit.

The album kicks off with the exciting collaboration “Marioo Ft Mr Nice – Shisha,” a catchy and upbeat track that sets the tone for what’s to come. “Lony Bway x Marioo – Wewe Hapoo” follows, highlighting Marioo smooth vocals and the perfect blend of R&B and Afrobeat sounds.

Abigail Chams joins forces with Marioo on “Nani,” a soulful and emotional track that showcases their vocal chemistry. Whozu adds his unique flavor to “Vavayo,” while Marioo continues to impress with his solo track “Sing,” a song that showcases his incredible vocal range.

Alikiba and Marioo bring the heat on “Love Song,” a romantic ballad that will tug at the heartstrings of listeners. Tommy Flavour teams up with Marioo on the infectious “Nakuja,” a feel-good track that will have everyone dancing.

Marioo takes center stage on “Tomorrow,” a reflective and introspective song that highlights his growth as an artist. Alikiba makes a second appearance on the album with “Sumu,” a catchy and energetic collaboration that is sure to be a fan favorite.

Jaivah joins forces with Marioo and Chino Kidd on “Yesa,” a high-energy track that will have listeners on their feet. The album continues with “Soup,” a vibrant and upbeat song featuring Jaivah, Marioo, Chino Kidd, Scotty London, and Ks Hub.

Marioo collaborates with Platform Tz on the beautiful and heartfelt “Ananipenda,” showcasing the artists’ vocal prowess. Billnass adds his unique touch to “Maokoto,” while Bytar Beast joins forces with Jaivah and Marioo on the infectious “Ndembe Ndembe.”

The album concludes with “Jaivah Ft Marioo – Pita Kule,” a laid-back and melodic track that leaves listeners wanting more.

“Marioo Hits Song (15) 2023” is an incredible collection of diverse and captivating tracks that showcase Marioo artistry. With a mix of energetic bangers and heartfelt ballads, this album is a must-listen for any music enthusiast.

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  1. Marioo Ft Mr Nice – Shisha (Mp3 Download)
  2. Lony Bway x Marioo – Wewe Hapoo (Mp3 Download)

  3.  Abigail Chams Ft. Marioo – Nani (Mp3 Download)
  4. Whozu Ft. Marioo – Vavayo (Mp3 Download)

  5. Marioo – Sing (Mp3 Download)

  6. Marioo Ft Alikiba – Love Song (Mp3 Download)

  7. Tommy Flavour Ft. Marioo – Nakuja (Mp3 Download)

  8. Marioo – Tomorrow (Mp3 Download)
  9. Alikiba Ft Marioo – Sumu (Mp3 Download)
  10. Jaivah Ft Marioo x Chino Kidd – Yesa (Mp3 Download)
  11. Jaivah x Marioo Ft Chino Kidd, Scotty London & Ks Hub – Soup (Mp3 Download)
  12. Marioo Ft Platform Tz – Ananipenda (Mp3 Download)
  13. Billnass Ft Marioo – Maokoto (Mp3 Download)
  14. Bytar Beast ft Jaivah, Marioo – Ndembe Ndembe (Mp3 Download)

  15. Jaivah Ft Marioo – Pita Kule (Mp3 Download)