VIDEO: D Voice – Swahili Kid Documentary Part 2 (Mp4 Download)

VIDEO: D Voice - Swahili Kid Documentary Part 2 (Mp4 Download)

D Voice Swahili Kid Documentary Part 2 is a continuation of the exploration of D Voice’s album, Swahili Kid. This documentary delves deeper into the making of the album, providing insights into the creative process, inspirations, and challenges encountered by D Voice.


The album Swahili Kid is a fusion of various musical genres, showcasing D Voice’s versatility as an artist. From Singeli to Bongo Fleva, Amapiano to Afro Pop, and Zouk, the album encompasses a wide range of musical styles that cater to different tastes. This diversity sets the album apart, making it a standout in the world of Swahili music.

Throughout the documentary, D Voice shares the social themes explored in the album. Whether it’s love, pain, or life’s hardships, D Voice tells stories through his music, connecting with listeners on a deep emotional level. The documentary offers a glimpse into the inspirations behind each song, shedding light on the personal experiences that influenced the lyrics and melodies.

D Voice’s songwriting and singing talent are showcased throughout the album. His ability to craft captivating melodies and meaningful lyrics is evident in every track. The documentary reveals the dedication and hard work that went into creating the album, highlighting D Voice’s commitment to his craft.

Swahili Kid Documentary Part 2 is a must-watch for fans of D Voice, as well as music lovers who appreciate unique and innovative sounds. This documentary provides an intimate look into the creation of Swahili Kid, offering a deeper understanding of the artist and his music.

Track 09. Kama Wengine feat Diamond Platnumz:
-D Voice and Diamond talk about self absurdness in relationships and how things may not be as they initially thought.




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