Audio: Patoranking Ft Diamond Platnumz – Kolo Kolo (Mp3 Download)


“Kolo Kolo” is an electrifying new collaboration between two celebrated African artists, Patoranking and Diamond Platnumz. This Afrobeat-infused track is an instant hit that will get you grooving from the very first beat.

Patoranking, known for his unique and captivating style, perfectly complements Diamond Platnumz’s sultry vocals to create a mesmerizing fusion of Nigerian and Tanzanian music. Their chemistry is undeniable as they effortlessly weave their voices and lyrics together to deliver a catchy and infectious melody.

The song “Kolo Kolo” exudes a vibrant and energetic vibe, guaranteed to get you up on your feet. Its pulsating beats, accompanied by the artists’ distinctive voices, create an irresistible rhythm that will make it impossible not to move to the music.

The lyrics of “Kolo Kolo” touch on themes of love, desire, and attraction. Patoranking and Diamond Platnumz’s heartfelt delivery adds an emotional depth to the song, making it relatable and resonant with the listener.

Produced by a team of talented individuals, “Kolo Kolo” boasts high-quality production, ensuring that every note and instrument is heard crisp and clear. The rich and intricate instrumentals add depth and texture to the track, elevating it to another level.

For fans of Patoranking and Diamond Platnumz, “Kolo Kolo” is a must-listen. It showcases the artists’ exceptional talents and demonstrates why they are regarded as some of the best in the industry. The synergy between their voices and the upbeat nature of the song make it a perfect addition to any party playlist.

To enjoy this delightful collaboration, head over to and download “Kolo Kolo.” Whether you are a fan of Afrobeat or simply looking for a new tune to add to your collection, this track is bound to captivate and entertain you. Don’t miss out on experiencing the magic of Patoranking and Diamond Platnumz in “Kolo Kolo.”