Audio: Lava Lava Ft. Diamond Platnumz – Far Away (Mp3 Download)

Lava Lava Ft. Diamond Platnumz Far Away

“Far Away” is an exciting new release by the talented artist Lava Lava in collaboration with Diamond Platnumz, the African King of hit songs and the boss of WCB Wasafi record label. The song showcases the remarkable chemistry between these two artists as they bring their unique energy and style to the music.

With its infectious beat and catchy melodies, “Far Away” is a definite banger that will get listeners hooked from the very first chord. Lava Lava’s smooth and soulful vocals blend effortlessly with Diamond Platnumz’s powerful and charismatic delivery, creating a dynamic and captivating sound.

The lyrics of “Far Away” tell a story of love and longing, with heartfelt and relatable emotions shining through. The artists manage to convey the depth of their emotions through their expressive voices, allowing listeners to connect and resonate with the song on a profound level.

As expected from the artists involved, the production quality of “Far Away” is top-notch. The rich instrumentation and expertly crafted arrangements elevate the song to new heights, creating a sonic experience that is both enjoyable and satisfying.

For music enthusiasts and fans of African music, “Far Away” is a must-listen. It embodies the essence of contemporary African music, showcasing the talent and creativity that exists within the industry. As the latest release from the WCB Wasafi record label, it upholds the label’s reputation for producing hit songs and showcases their commitment to delivering quality music.

To experience the magic of “Far Away” by Lava Lava ft. Diamond Platnumz, visit, where you can listen to and download this incredible track. Brace yourself for a musical journey that will leave you wanting more.