Audio: Diamond Platnumz Ft. Rema – Gimmie (Mp3 Download)

Diamond Platnumz Ft. Rema – Gimmie 640x640 1

“Gimme” is a newly released audio MP3 music song by renowned artists Diamond Platnumz and Rema. This track is a collaboration between two major forces in the African music industry, promising an incredible musical experience for their fans.

The song showcases Diamond Platnumz’s signature Afrobeat sound, combined with Rema’s unique contribution as a talented Nigerian singer and songwriter. The artists’ distinct styles seamlessly blend together, creating a catchy and captivating tune.

With its infectious beat and energetic vibe, “Gimme” is sure to get listeners on their feet and dancing along. The song is filled with catchy hooks and memorable lyrics that will have fans singing along in no time.

The collaboration between Diamond Platnumz and Rema is highly anticipated, as both artists have a massive fan base and have consistently delivered hit songs in the past. Their vocal prowess and songwriting abilities shine through in “Gimme,” making it a must-listen for any music enthusiast.

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Overall, “Gimme” by Diamond Platnumz ft. Rema is a highly addictive track that showcases the talents of these two remarkable artists. Their collaboration promises an exciting and enjoyable musical experience for fans worldwide. Don’t miss out on this incredible song – be sure to listen and download it today via