Audio: Ukhty Dida – Wake Wa Mtume (Mp3 Download)

AUDIO | Ukhty Dida - Wake Wa Mtume | Mp3 DOWNLOAD

Tanzanian singer and composer Ukhty Dida, a female recording artist, Qaswida are making a comeback with a brand-new song called Wake Wa Mtume.

Ukhty Dida is a Tanzanian recording artist known for her contributions to qaswida music, which is a genre of Islamic religious music that is popular in East Africa. Qaswida music is known for its poetic lyrics and traditional percussion instruments.

“Wake Wa Mtume” is indeed a new song by Ukhty Dida new Qaswida, then it’s great to hear that they are continuing to contribute to the qaswida music scene in Tanzania. Qaswida is a beautiful and meaningful genre of music, and it’s always exciting to see talented artists like Ukhty Dida releasing new music in this style.

Listen to, “Ukhty Dida – Wake Wa Mtume” below;

Audio: Ukhty Dida – Wake Wa Mtume (Mp3 Download)