Audio: Phina – Zinduna (Mp3 Download)

AUDIO | Phina - Zinduna | Mp3 DOWNLOAD
Saraphina Michael, also known as Phina or Saraphina, a Tanzanian Bongo Fleva diva and 2018 Bongo Star hunt winner, recently released a new song titled Zinduna.
The upbeat and vivacious Afro-pop ballad “Zinduna” by Phina emphasizes finding happiness in life’s minor pleasures. The song’s beat is created by an appealing percussion pattern, a groovy bass line, and a catchy guitar melody.
The lyrics of the song highlight the topic of appreciating the brief moments of happiness that life provides. You’ll definitely want to dance and sing along to this song because of Phina’s beautiful and emotional vocals.
Listen to, “Phina – Zinduna” below;
Audio: Phina – Zinduna (Mp3 Download)