Audio: Kusah – Napendwa (Mp3 Download)

AUDIO | Kusah - Napendwa | Mp3 DOWNLOAD

Salmin Ismail Hoza, better known by his stage name Kusah, a skilled recording artist, singer, and songwriter from Tanzania, has released a brand-new beautiful song titled Napendwa.

“Napendwa,” a lively and energetic song by Kusah, honors the elegance and vitality of Tanzanian culture. Cukie Dady, a Tanzanian producer, combined traditional African sounds with contemporary beats and catchy melodies to create the song. The tune is a positive, happy celebration of life and love.

Kusah is a Tanzanian musician who is known for his Bongo Flava music. is a genre of music that originated in Tanzania and has become popular across East Africa. It incorporates elements of hip hop, reggae, and traditional African music to create a unique sound. Kusah has released several popular songs in this genre, including “I Wish” and “No Time.”

Listen to, “Kusah – Napendwa” below;

Audio: Kusah – Napendwa (Mp3 Download)