Audio: Matonya – Piga Deki (Mp3 Download)

AUDIO | Matonya - Piga Deki | Mp3 DOWNLOAD
Around February 2023, Matonya released Piga Deki. a successful record that reached the music charts and is still rocking today.

Matonya started his music career in 2004 with his debut album “Sugua Benchi,” which was well-received in Tanzania and East Africa. Since then, he has released several popular songs such as “Vailet,” “Anita,” “Siamini,” and “Zilipendwa.”

Matonya has collaborated with other notable Tanzanian artists such as Lady Jaydee, Ali Kiba, and Rich Mavoko. He has also performed at several concerts and festivals in Tanzania and other countries in East Africa.

Listen to the lovely produced single below and enjoy.