VIDEO: Alikiba – Usiniseme (Mp4 Download)

AliKiba2B 2BUsiniseme
“Usiniseme” is a new Mp4 music song by the popular Tanzanian artist, Alikiba. The title translates to “Don’t Talk About Me” in English. The song is a catchy blend of Afrobeats and Bongo Flava, two popular genres in East Africa. Alikiba’s signature smooth vocals are complemented by a groovy beat and perfectly crafted lyrics. The song’s theme revolves around gossip and how it can be hurtful and damaging to individuals. Alikiba encourages people to focus on their own lives instead of talking negatively about others. The music video for “Usiniseme” is a colorful and energetic visual representation of the song’s message. It features Alikiba and a group of dancers showcasing their moves in an urban setting. The video’s vibrant colors and lively choreography perfectly match the upbeat tempo of the song. “Usiniseme” is available to listen and download on, a leading East African music website. Fans of Alikiba will not be disappointed with his latest offering, which is sure to be a hit on dance floors across the region.