VIDEO: WCB Wasafi (Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Rich Mavoko, Mbosso, Lava Lava, Queen Darleen, Rayvanny – Zilipendwa (Mp4 Download)


“Zilipendwa” is a new MP4 song by WCB Wasafi, a Tanzanian music label featuring artists such as Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Rich Mavoko, Mbosso, Lava Lava, Queen Darleen, and Rayvanny. This song is a tribute to the old school Tanzanian music genre known as “Zilipendwa,” which translates to “the loved ones” in Swahili.

The song incorporates elements of traditional Zilipendwa music with a modern twist, creating a fusion of old and new sounds. It pays homage to legendary Tanzanian musicians who paved the way for the current generation of artists.

“Zilipendwa” is a catchy and infectious song that showcases the talents of each artist. It features beautiful harmonies, energetic rap verses, and captivating melodies. The music video is visually appealing, depicting the artists dressed in vintage attire and dancing along to the nostalgic beats.

This song has received positive feedback from fans and has garnered millions of views on various streaming platforms. It showcases the diversity and talent within the WCB Wasafi music label, solidifying their position as one of Africa’s most influential music groups.

Overall, “Zilipendwa” is a celebration of Tanzanian music history and serves as a reminder of the timeless nature of Zilipendwa music.