VIDEO: D Voice ft Diamond Platnumz – Kama Wengine (Mp4 Download)


“Kama Wengine” is an exciting new music video that is sure to captivate fans of African music. The track is performed by talented artist D Voice, who has teamed up with the renowned artist Diamond Platnumz to create a truly unforgettable collaboration.

With its catchy beats and infectious melodies, “Kama Wengine” is a song that will make you want to get up and dance. The video showcases stunning visuals that perfectly complement the energetic and lively nature of the track.

D Voice’s smooth vocals effortlessly blend with Diamond Platnumz’s signature style, resulting in a perfect blend of talents. The artists’ chemistry is evident throughout the video, as they effortlessly complement each other’s strengths.

Fans of Diamond Platnumz will not be disappointed with this latest release, as his unique sound and charisma shine through in every moment. Likewise, D Voice’s captivating performance adds a fresh and exciting element to the song.

“Kama Wengine” is now available for listen and download on, a platform dedicated to showcasing the best of African music. Fans can easily access the track and enjoy its infectious rhythms at their convenience.

Overall, “Kama Wengine” is a must-hear song for fans of African music. It showcases the incredible talent of both D Voice and Diamond Platnumz and is a testament to their abilities as artists. With its catchy beats, captivating visuals, and impressive vocals, this music video is sure to leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss out on this amazing collaboration – it’s a true gem in the world of African music.