ALBUM | Harmonize – Visit Bongo

ALBUM | Harmonize – Visit Bongo

“Visit Bongo” is the latest album by Harmonize, a Tanzanian musician. Released in 2023, it features a unique blend of Bongo Flava, afrobeats, and other genres popular in East Africa. The album showcases Harmonize’ versatility as an artist, with catchy melodies and infectious beats.

“Visit Bongo” comprises a total of 14 tracks, each presenting a different vibe and style. The album includes popular songs such as “Personal Trainer,” “Hallelujah, “Best Woman,” “Side Nigger,” Sijalewa ”  “Boss,”  “Wangu Mimi,” “Zanzibar,”  “Sijui,”  “Tena,”  “Hawaniwezi,” “Dear X,”  “Single Again remix,” and “Single Again,” which have received significant airplay and positive response from fans.

Harmonize collaborates with several artists on this album, adding extra flavor to the tracks. Some featured artists include Bruce Melodie, and Nkosazana. These collaborations bring a diverse range of musical influences to the album, creating a fusion of different styles and sounds.

The lyrics in “Visit Bongo” touch on various themes such as love, success, and the celebration of Tanzanian music and culture. Harmonize storytelling ability shines through his lyrics, making each song relatable and engaging. The album also showcases his growth as an artist, demonstrating his maturity and artistic evolution.

Overall, “Visit Bongo” is a highly anticipated album from Harmonize, and it showcases his unique musical style and talent. With its catchy tunes and vibrant energy, this album is sure to resonate with fans of Bongo Flava and African music alike.

  1.  Harmonize – Personal Trainer | Download
  2. Harmonize – Hallelujah | Download
  3. Harmonize – Best Woman | Download
  4. Harmonize – Side Nigger | Download
  5. Harmonize – Sijalewa | Download
  6. Harmonize – Boss | Download
  7. Harmonize – Wangu Mimi | Download
  8. Harmonize – Zanzibar (feat. Bruce Melodie) | Download
  9. Harmonize – Sijui | Download
  10. Harmonize – Tena | Download
  11. Harmonize – Hawaniwezi | Download
  12. Harmonize – Dear X | Download
  13. Harmonize – Single Again (feat. Nkosazana) | Download
  14. Harmonize – Single Again | Download