New AUDIO | Diamond Platnumz Ft Wouter Kellerman – Pounds & Dollars | Mp3 DOWNLOAD

Diamond Platnumz, a celebrated Tanzanian artist known for his versatility and international recognition, has teamed up with Wouter Kellerman, a renowned South African flutist and composer, to create the captivating song “Pounds & Dollars.”

Diamond Platnumz, often referred to as the “Simba,” is known for his exceptional talent in blending various music styles, including Bongo Flava and Afrobeat. His magnetic stage presence and hit-making abilities have earned him a massive global fanbase.

Wouter Kellerman, on the other hand, is celebrated for his mastery of the flute and his ability to infuse different musical influences into his compositions. This collaboration between Diamond Platnumz and Wouter Kellerman bridges the gap between Tanzanian and South African music, resulting in a fusion of catchy melodies and traditional rhythms.

“Pounds & Dollars” is a track that likely explores themes related to wealth and ambition. With Diamond Platnumz’s infectious vocals and Wouter Kellerman’s mesmerizing flute melodies, the song is a testament to the power of cross-cultural musical collaborations. It’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the diversity and innovation within the African music landscape, showcasing the talents of both artists as they create a memorable musical journey.


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