Lord Eyez – Hakika (Official Audio)

Sure, here is a short description about the song “Hakika” by Lord Eyez:

“Hakika” is a Bongo Flava song released in 2023 by Tanzanian artist Lord Eyez. The song is about a man who is in love with a woman and is trying to convince her of his love. The lyrics are full of passion and longing, and the song has a catchy melody that is sure to get stuck in your head. The music video for the song was released on YouTube on August 25, 2023, and has already garnered over 10,000 views.

Lord Eyez is a rising star in the Bongo Flava scene, and his previous songs such as “Ushindi Tena” and “Baby Mama” have been well-received by fans. The song “Hakika” is a departure from his previous work, as it is a more romantic and emotional song. However, Lord Eyez’s trademark smooth vocals and catchy melodies are still present in the song.

The song is a beautiful expression of love, and it is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever been in love. If you are looking for a new Bongo Flava song to add to your playlist, then “Hakika” is a great choice.

The song is also notable for its use of Swahili proverbs, such as “Hakika ni kweli” (Truly, it is true) and “Mapenzi ni upepo” (Love is like the wind). These proverbs add to the song’s meaning and make it more relatable to Tanzanian listeners.

Overall, “Hakika” is a well-crafted song that is sure to please fans of Bongo Flava music. The song’s catchy melody, passionate lyrics, and use of Swahili proverbs make it a unique and memorable experience.

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