The iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a periscope camera with “Super Telephoto” zoom

We haven’t even seen the iPhone 15 family yet, and we’re already talking about what will come next. In particular, the iPhone 16 Pro Max, which is likely to come out in September 2024. Digital Chat Station in China, which leaks a lot of information and is generally dependable, says that this gadget will have a pretty unique feature.

He said that the “Super Telephoto” periscope zoom camera will be built into the iPhone 16 Pro Max. This name seems to refer to cameras with a focal length of more than 300mm. This would be quite an engineering feat, given that the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s zoom camera, which is not a periscope, only has a focal length of 77mm.


iPhone 14 Pro Max

There are rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the first iPhone to have a periscope. The iPhone 16 Pro will also have a periscope, but it won’t be a “Super Telephoto” one. So, it’s likely that the iPhone 16 Pro will have the same lens as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, while the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have something even better.

Super telephoto cameras are often used to take pictures of sports and wildlife. They can also be fun to use to take photos, as long as the shooter is far enough away from the subject.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Also, the same source says that the main camera on the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a sensor that is 12% bigger than the sensor on the iPhone 14 Pro Max (1/1.28″). The iPhone 15 Pro Max is likely to have the same tech as the one before it.

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